Second Summer School on Embodied Intelligence

"Simulation and Modelling within Embodied Intelligence"
EMBODYi & Lampetra Projects Summer School
June, 27- July, 1, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland


The main theme of the School will be "Simulation and Modelling within Embodied Intelligence", thus focusing on the use of models and simulators for the understanding of embodiment and body-environment interactions, for a better design of embodied artifact and for the study of biological models. During lectures, the keynote speakers will illustrate models and simulations approaches used in the EMBODYi projects (OCTOPUS, ANGELS, EVRYON, EMORPH, LOCOMORPH and VIACTORS) and Lampetra. At the end of the school students will have a clear picture of the modelling and simulation strategies in different environmental situations and could use these knowledge for applications for a better design and development of robotics systems, or for the study of behaviors of biological systems.

The main students group work will be assigned on the first day and the students will be asked to present their results with full details on the last day of the School. Furthermore, there will be digital poster sessions at the end of the mornings for the students to present their own research. A technical tour to the AI Labs and social activities are also planned.

The School is open to all the interested PhD students, and it will be an occasion to improve knowledge on modelling and simulation strategies and tools.

The EMBODYi Projects & Lampetra

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